Thursday, March 31, 2011

Break from Photo Challenge

So I am like Brandy I need a break from this photo challenge that SHE made us all start.. I just am running out of photos on my computer & I don't have time to scan them...

So anyways..first of all I have to say I am so jealous of Brandy cause she is going to Disney World and man I want to go so bad, I haven't been since Novemeber lol so I am missing it bad! I need to talk Sam & Cody into letting me & Bethie going down there for a "girls" weekend!

So many people have told me lately that have been reading my blog and here's to you Julie.. my stocker! LOL just kididng I know your not my stocker, although I'd probably be a boring person to stock (as you can tell by my blog) but anyways.. I am glad that I am interesting enough to have followers.. although I only have 13, lol but that's ok!

I haven't blogged in awhile I have alot of things going on in my life lately, I've been to the doctor got some bad news, well it wasn't great news we will put it that way. I have been busy at work & they are asking me to work more hours (which I am SUPER excited about that cause I always can use more money, especially overtime money) Sam & I have been trying to go to church better. We went to Scottsboro Tuesday night & Nila Wednesday night & of course Hytop 2nite but I am so tired.. lol my body is telling me it's not use to this!

I am still a passenger on the "baby train" I am hoping for a ticket off of it one day.. lol it's not easy.. and it drives me crazy.. I try and be positive like well at least I get to spend time with just me and Sam (Oh I love this one) or I get to still sleep and sleep good and late.. I am not the one in church with screaming kids & everyone looking at me.. see positive right? I think those are good positive ideas.. but they only help for a little while and than I am back again just hoping & praying one day I'll get to hold mine OWN little miracle in my arms. I love children to death, but I am so ready to love my own children to death!

Beth finds out what she is having in 6 days, and oh my goodness I am so excited!! Keep a watch on my blog cause I will be letting everyone know in a very special way.. I am so excited oh yeah I already said that.. but I will either have a niece or nephew and I just can't wait! I got my head bite off last time I said I was rooting for what Cody & Beth wanted so I want repeat that again.. but hoping with them so they will be happy! Which I won't care either way, I will just be excited to be an aunt, aunt kiki.. awww I love it! Another kid to spoil rotten and send home with it when I am done, Sam said we skipped the parent part & went straight to grandparents cause we spoil all our friends kids & send them home.. lol but we love it. I love walking in the church & hearing "KIKI" screamed out & someone running to me to give me a hug and kiss.. oh I just love it! Lol ok sounding like a grandmother for real..

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill

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