Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talking Makes Things Better

Ok so today I made the extra step and I called my friend that quit going to church, yeah you guys reading this can think what you want to think but I just needed to say some things to her. I needed her to know how I felt and I needed to know how she felt and after I did it I felt so much better. I called her and let her know that we wouldn't treat her and her husband any different just because of what has happen, that we would still include them in "couple" things that we done cause I am sorry that's how I was taught and just like my mom told me today the lord won't hold it against you Kendra for treating someone good, saint or sinner and I believe that with all of my heart. When I get to heaven the lord will just judge me by what I have done and how I have lived my life and treated others whether it was his other children or just people of the world. I have had such a hard and rough life you couldn't tell me to be mean to people that went away from the lord, just because they choose to live another way doesn't mean that we have to be mean to them. When my dad quit going to church I had parents of my friends that wouldn't even let them spend the night with me anymore and I will never forget that cause it hurt me so bad. I had my friends come back later and actually tell me that it was all their parents the reason they couldn't be my friends anymore and it hurt me and I was only 12 years old. Now a 23 year old woman I can make my own decisions and hurting my friends just because they choose to live another way is not a decision I am going to make. No I won't be best friends with them but I am not going be ugly. I know there are other people out there and even some of my followers that know where I am coming from. I hate that people make this decision and it breaks your heart so bad but the lord has comfort me and the people at Hytop have come to my rescue with again encouraging words, hugs & phone calls. I just needed to get this off my chest and of course you guys are the ones that have to suffer to hear about it, lol.

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill