Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I CAN'T stand... (Vent Blog)

There is so many things in life that really makes me mad, since usually I can't solve them I figured I could just blog about them! Ok so here we go..

1) I can't stand nosey people! So therefore this one is for all of you people that get on my blog just to see what my problems are and try and figure out all my PERSONAL information. I mean I ain't stupid if I want to keep it private & to myself I am NOT going to blog about it! I mean get real people & quit asking around trying to find out what is wrong, cause all your doing is making me mad!

2) I can't stand when you tell something private to someone you trust & in a few days you hear it from someone else. I mean do you honestly think when I heard it I didn't know how that person found out? Use common sense!

3) I can't stand jealous people! I mean why does people have to be jealous, you should just be happy for what you have in your life and what you get to do in your life. Why does it have to matter what other people get to do verses what you get to do.

4) Lol ok I can't think of a #4 but the top 3 REALLY make me mad, can I hear from my followers that feel this same way, I mean aren't we grown adults so why do we have to act like children?? Can I get an AMEN? LOL I mean I am just so over the drama people.. get out of my business, quit asking everyone else about my life, quit reading my blog just to TRY & figure out what is going on in my life, if you really want to know what is going on than ask me & IF I want you to know I will tell you and you don't have to stress yourself out.. If I don't want you to know than guess what you won't get it from me or my blog!!

Ok time to settle down.. cool off.. lol sorry for all of my followers that are my true followers that love me and aren't always in my business.. I love you and so sorry you had to read all of that...

My weekend, was pretty dull.. I didn't do a single thing Saturday & Sunday morning I cleaned out our office (well started it) and than Sunday night to church, we had company Sunday night & that was fun.. I only have a 4 day week at work this week, woohoo I am off Friday & Monday.. woohoo.. time to rest at home & do nothing, how fun does that sound?!

Until next time..Mrs. Hill

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