Thursday, March 31, 2011

Break from Photo Challenge

So I am like Brandy I need a break from this photo challenge that SHE made us all start.. I just am running out of photos on my computer & I don't have time to scan them...

So anyways..first of all I have to say I am so jealous of Brandy cause she is going to Disney World and man I want to go so bad, I haven't been since Novemeber lol so I am missing it bad! I need to talk Sam & Cody into letting me & Bethie going down there for a "girls" weekend!

So many people have told me lately that have been reading my blog and here's to you Julie.. my stocker! LOL just kididng I know your not my stocker, although I'd probably be a boring person to stock (as you can tell by my blog) but anyways.. I am glad that I am interesting enough to have followers.. although I only have 13, lol but that's ok!

I haven't blogged in awhile I have alot of things going on in my life lately, I've been to the doctor got some bad news, well it wasn't great news we will put it that way. I have been busy at work & they are asking me to work more hours (which I am SUPER excited about that cause I always can use more money, especially overtime money) Sam & I have been trying to go to church better. We went to Scottsboro Tuesday night & Nila Wednesday night & of course Hytop 2nite but I am so tired.. lol my body is telling me it's not use to this!

I am still a passenger on the "baby train" I am hoping for a ticket off of it one day.. lol it's not easy.. and it drives me crazy.. I try and be positive like well at least I get to spend time with just me and Sam (Oh I love this one) or I get to still sleep and sleep good and late.. I am not the one in church with screaming kids & everyone looking at me.. see positive right? I think those are good positive ideas.. but they only help for a little while and than I am back again just hoping & praying one day I'll get to hold mine OWN little miracle in my arms. I love children to death, but I am so ready to love my own children to death!

Beth finds out what she is having in 6 days, and oh my goodness I am so excited!! Keep a watch on my blog cause I will be letting everyone know in a very special way.. I am so excited oh yeah I already said that.. but I will either have a niece or nephew and I just can't wait! I got my head bite off last time I said I was rooting for what Cody & Beth wanted so I want repeat that again.. but hoping with them so they will be happy! Which I won't care either way, I will just be excited to be an aunt, aunt kiki.. awww I love it! Another kid to spoil rotten and send home with it when I am done, Sam said we skipped the parent part & went straight to grandparents cause we spoil all our friends kids & send them home.. lol but we love it. I love walking in the church & hearing "KIKI" screamed out & someone running to me to give me a hug and kiss.. oh I just love it! Lol ok sounding like a grandmother for real..

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill

Friday, March 25, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 16

Day sixteen:    a picture of someone who inspires you

Wow for the first time I don't think I have a picture for this one, I can't just choose one person that inspires me for this one, there are way to many out there if you sit and think about it.. but.. the ones that inspire me are all the spouses that their husband/wife turns back and they still hold their heads up and come to church everytime the doors are opening, dragging their kids behind them just still trying to make it to Heaven. I was one of those kids, this June will be 10 years ago it all begin. It's not fun but I can only imagine how my mom felt having to drag her 2 kids to church with no husband. All of us out there that has a good spouse that takes us and our family to church should take a few mins to first be thankful for our lives but second remember those that aren't so lucky cause even though our lives go on it don't mean that theirs does cause it's sucj a big change that have alot of "firsts" to do like a baby trying to walk all over again. My heart goes out to these that have just lost their spouses to this worldly evil world but my heart is also still with those that lost them 10 years ago like my mom and still on that road. I am proud of you guys and I am praying for you and thinking about you often!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 15

Day fifteen:    a picture of something you want to do before you die.

Corny I know but yes I'd love to go ice skating before I die! I have always wanted to go but Sam always says "Fat boys & Ice Skating don't go together" so than I am stuck waiting for someone to go with me.. lol Beth would've went with me but she found out she is preggo so yeah once again stuck.. lol maybe one day I'll get to go!!

Although if I did end up going this would so be me.. LOL sorry seen this picture & just had to share it! I think it's so funny, I just had to share it with everyone!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 14

Day fourteen:    a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without. 

Ok so I couldn't imagine my life without Jesus, I love him so much and I call on him everyday! He probably gets tired of hearing from me but he has never let me down. I have lived for him almost 12 years and through all my mistakes & heartbreaks he has always been there and always been my true BEST friend. I hope to hear him say well done one day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 13

Day thirteen:    a picture of your favorite band or artist.

I would have to say I love Elvis to he is well known around my house however, he was way before our time so even tho I love his music I also like..

Now I could listen to this red-head all the time, I just love Reba! She is my kind of girl! & of course Sam & I love watching the show Reba, so yeah I'd have to go with Reba.

Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 12

Day twelve:    a picture of something you love.

This is me & Reece and I love the feeling when holding a baby, it's so wonderful. I am hoping and guessing you guys are telling that I had a rough "baby" weekend. I've done so good the past few weeks & so I want to continue doing good but this weekend just was hard for me. So yeah I love the thought of us being parents and holding our new little miracle for the first time.

& this is Sam & Alexander, Sam usually don't hold babies until they can hold their own head up so I told someone he was practicing.. lol but he disagrees with me.. but I think Alexander fits perfectly in his hands. He looks like he is going to be a great dad.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 11

Day eleven:    a picture of something you hate.

haha sorry guys this was the best thing I could come up with, but eventually after going through what I've been going through you HATE seeing this..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 10

Day ten:    a picture of the person you do the most messed up things with.

Ok so I picked Cassie, she is another best friend of mine, if you haven't found out by now I have 3 and that's not including Sam.. yeah I know I rarely follow the rules.. lol but Cassie and I should have been sisters, twin sisters at that.. we do everything together & like Sarah said about Jamie on her blog I think we bring the bad out in each other when we are together cause when we are together we can't stop laughing and talking and just thinking evil lol that's just how we are and have been for a long time, but when the sad times come we are always there for each other and will always be there for each other and I love her so much!

Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 9

Day nine:    a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

For those of you that don't know, this is my brother Colby, he is 20 years old & we have been through so much in our lives, I can always go to him and talk to him and let him know excatly how I feel. He don't have the holyghost yet but I know he wants it and I know the lord can give it to him. I love you Colby you mean the world to me!

NO more friends

Ok to all my followers GOODBYE.. lol just kidding.. I wish it was that easy! I told Sam last night I was cancelling all my friendships so that my friends couldn't break my heart anymore. I don't know how much more of it I can take. My plan is to just stick with my family cause I know they love me and I know they don't want to hurt me, good plan right? Yeah I thought so too but as I know that won't happen.. I'll begin by saying hello to all my friends out there reading this.

So yet again another heartbreak this week, oh wait a week hasn't even passed & another heartbreak has come along.. yeah if you haven't guessed it yet I had another friend decided she didn't want to live this way and that's fine you know it's your own decision, if that's what you want to do but it hurts so many people. The way my life was tho I don't think about them anymore once they turn back I think about their spouse, their children.. I mean how selfish how could they do that to them. I just couldn't imagine hurting myself over something stupid as turning back but I couldn't imagine hurting Sam, that just kills me.. I don't even want to think about it.

As decisions are made throughout the upcoming days, months or years I want everyone to know that you can make it. You don't have to choose this life of turning back. You may look at your life now and you maybe down and out but if there is still hope keep fighting cause the lord is right around the corner and it is such worth holding on. I know at times you can't keep your head held up it seems like but that's when you just put your hands under it to keep from drowing. I am here for anyone to talk to cause I don't want anyone else turning back. I love all my friends and I love anyone that isn't my friends and that wants to become my friend lol.. I guess what I am trying to say in this blog is that please hang on, look around its almost over anyways... we can make it. I love you guys!!

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill

Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 8

Day eight:    a picture that makes you laugh. 

Oml this picture makes me laugh, it was our first day at Disney World and our first park we just got to the entrance & Beth realized she had forgotten some of the tickets in the car so she had to go all the way back to the car to get them alone.. haha oml it was so funny, I just had to snap a picture of her sad puppy dog face.. which may I remind everyone she was preggo at this time we just wasn't aware of it!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 7

seven:    a picture of your most treasured item.

I would have to say the thing that I treasure most is the holyghost so as of course I can't take a picture of that, the next thing that I treasure is my loving husband. He is my best friend. We have been together 4 years in September. We have been through so much and our lives have both been rough but together we have made a wonderful marriage and I love being his wife. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talking Makes Things Better

Ok so today I made the extra step and I called my friend that quit going to church, yeah you guys reading this can think what you want to think but I just needed to say some things to her. I needed her to know how I felt and I needed to know how she felt and after I did it I felt so much better. I called her and let her know that we wouldn't treat her and her husband any different just because of what has happen, that we would still include them in "couple" things that we done cause I am sorry that's how I was taught and just like my mom told me today the lord won't hold it against you Kendra for treating someone good, saint or sinner and I believe that with all of my heart. When I get to heaven the lord will just judge me by what I have done and how I have lived my life and treated others whether it was his other children or just people of the world. I have had such a hard and rough life you couldn't tell me to be mean to people that went away from the lord, just because they choose to live another way doesn't mean that we have to be mean to them. When my dad quit going to church I had parents of my friends that wouldn't even let them spend the night with me anymore and I will never forget that cause it hurt me so bad. I had my friends come back later and actually tell me that it was all their parents the reason they couldn't be my friends anymore and it hurt me and I was only 12 years old. Now a 23 year old woman I can make my own decisions and hurting my friends just because they choose to live another way is not a decision I am going to make. No I won't be best friends with them but I am not going be ugly. I know there are other people out there and even some of my followers that know where I am coming from. I hate that people make this decision and it breaks your heart so bad but the lord has comfort me and the people at Hytop have come to my rescue with again encouraging words, hugs & phone calls. I just needed to get this off my chest and of course you guys are the ones that have to suffer to hear about it, lol.

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 6

Day six:    a picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

Yeah I know this is a really bad picture, but yeah I'd love to trade places with anyone at this place right now.. lol well not a worker cause I would want to be enjoying myself! So yeah I'd love to be a Walt Disney World right now for a whole week or longer would be great! I so need a break from this life up here!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rough Weekend...

So yeah this blog maybe sad cause I am sad just writing it. I had such a rough weekend.. a weekend that no one would want to live. I wouldn't want anyone to take my place and feel the way that I have felt this weekend. I have been very heart broken. I had a friend, close friend decide to look the other way. It seems like with the life that I have went through since I was a 12 year old girl going through something like this might be easier than it was this weekend. I've had family and friends turn back that I probably couldn't even count them up I would loose count but it still don't make it any easier. I went to church Saturday night to find out that one of my friends had quit and I couldn't even stay at church.. I couldn't breathe I couldn't think I couldn't get myself together. It was such a shock. I left church and ran to my car knowing Sam would be getting home from work soon and I knew I could find comfort in his arms. So my weekend was filled with heartbroken tears. I couldn't sleep Saturday night it was probably early Sunday morning before I could go to sleep and than was back up by 5 o'clock Sunday morning and couldn't go back to sleep until who knows when but finally at 10 o'clock Bro Matt Seeley called and he said the most encouraging words that helped me and I was so thankful. I didn't think I would make it to church Sunday morning but my best friend Beth came over and she was going to church and she just stayed there with me while I hurried up and got ready and helped me make it to church Sunday morning cause that's where I can get my help. When I got to church Sunday morning I wish I could tell you it was alot easier but it wasn't, I wish I could tell you that I didn't cry, but I did. When church was over so many people came over to me to hug me, talk encouraging and let me know how much they loved me and I am so thankful for that. I am so glad that I go to Hytop, I truly love it there and love the people there. I hope that I didn't down my readers to bad.. but if you think about it please pray for me cause I really am going need some help getting through this.

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 5

Day five:    a picture of your favorite memory

So I have tons of favorite memories however this is one of them, my wedding day to be best friend. It was on September 22, 2007, almost 4 years ago! I love him so much! We had just a beautiful wedding if I say so myself.. it was a HUGE wedding and had everything in it I wanted!! Bro. Ricky even spoke in tongues when he was marrying us, how awesome is that??

Another favorite memory was June 03, 1999 & that's when I got the good holyghost that I will have for 12 years this June. I am so thankful that the lord has had mercy on me all these years.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 4

Day four:    a picture of your night.

sorry I spent time with both my best friends tonite, #1 my husband Sam & #2 Bethie, sorry these pics are from Walt Disney World but I didn't capture a picture from tonight.. we were mostly at church & then went out to eat

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reece Addisyn

Ok I just had to show you the cutest picture ever of the cutest baby ever (until mine comes along)...

See I told you it was the cutest picture & cutest baby ever!!!!!!

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 3

Day three:    a picture of the cast from your favorite show. 

ok yeah I know I am a sucker.. but I just love Teen Mom 2. I love watching Kailyn, Jenelle, Leah & Chelesa as they make some hard decisions in their lives. I would hate to be in their shoes at such a young age, but they seem to do so good, well some of them.. LOL I think Jenelle is a very bad mother but I like the other ones. Corey & Leah with the twins are my favorite!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today's a BAD day

I wish I could write and say how wonderful today is, but NO today is a bad day. I warned ya before you started following my blog that I would have good and bad days, so it's your fault for reading.

First of all, I couldn't blog about this yesterday but one of my BEST friends was 9 weeks pregnant she told me but I couldn't tell anyone cause she didn't want anyone knowing and well she lost it yesterday. I have cried so much for her. I have never had anyone go through this before that I was close to and so therefore my heart is broken in two for her. We were trying together and of course she beat me to the point cause of all my problems. I just can't stand it. I went and seen her last night and I didn't know what to bring for "comfort" so just like any friend would do I showed up with beautiful yellow flowers in a vase along with a box of kleenex with a bow on them. I told her the flowers for something to smile about and the kleenex could wipe away her tears. So then we just cried together. I wish I could say that I helped her but I had no idea what to say except that I loved her but God loves her way much more than I do and that he knows best. If you think about her please just send a little prayer to God. I know I would appreciate it but I know she would appreciate it way more than I would.

Second of all, OML this day at work has just been a horrible one. I have just sat at my desk and cried my eyes out.. It's just crazy.

Beth finds out what she is having April 6th & I am so happy for them! I wish that would be me and maybe one day it will be. I am so excited cause she asked me to come to the appt with her to find out with I am getting a new niece or nephew and I am so excited.. I am rooting for a boy since that is what her & Cody would be happy with. Maybe when I do get preggo I will have the girl so that me, Beth & Chanel won't all have MEAN boys... lol

Until next time...Mrs. Hill

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 2

Day two:    a picture of you & the person you have been close with for the longest.


This is of course my wonderful and loving mother, Angie Martin. She has been in my life for 23 years now and she is why I am the person I am today. She has made me a strong and loving person. She taught me how to be a good child of God and how to love and live for the wonderful God we serve now. She also taught me how to be a good wife to my wonderful husband Sam. She taught me to have mercy and forgive people cause we are all human and so therefore we all make mistakes. She taught me how to love and be loved. She is in my eyes the most perfect mother that anyone could ever ask for. I love her with all of my heart today, tomorrow and forever!!! I love you Mom!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 1

Thanks alot Brandy for tagging me, so here ya go just for you!

Day 1:  a picture of myself with 15 facts
  1. My name is Kendra Michelle Hill.
  2. I have no children at this time.
  3. I work at Spine & Neuro Center in Huntsville, AL.
  4. I am married to my best friend, Sam Hill. 
  5. I am the oldest child.
  6. I am in love with Captain D's right now.
  7. I love Alabama Football.
  8. I am very bubbly and love to talk! 
  9. I go to Hytop Holiness Church
  10. I LOVE Disney World
  11. I try to be very mericful & forgiving 
  12. I got the holyghost on June 3, 1999
  13. I long to be a stay at home mom. 
  14. I speak my mind too much when I should keep my mouth shut
  15. Lastly, I have been married 4 years in September.

Consumed? Is that bad?

I hate knowing that life is so consuming, your thoughts, your activies.. it's like everyday I have somewhere to be, something to do & of course something to think about. My thoughts lately have been consumed with a precious little baby... one that my heart longs for. I know there has got to be other people out there that feel the same way that I do. I wasn't going to blog about any of my feelings when it came to my health problems & not being able to have a baby but if it helps one person than maybe I should, right?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). The doctor states that if we are even able to have children that it would be a long and hard process, try taking that in when you are 17-18 years old & not even married yet. Yep that's what happen to me all alone in the doctors office & was told, than a little while later I get married to a wonderful husband and that was always in the back of my mind but because we didn't want children right away it wasn't to bad but it has now been a horrible trial that I have had to go through. I want children and those of you out there should be truly thankful for the ones you have cause not everyone is so lucky. I know the lord can perform miracles and like my last blog stated he performs them daily and I am trying to wait patience on mine. I am thankful for what I have gone through don't get me wrong I believe that is what makes me so strong and my faith will grow stronger to. Someone once told me that the Lord knows all about it and that's so true I wouldn't want anyone else knowing all about it but him cause I trust him and I know he loves me as one of his own children and he won't do me wrong.

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Started

Hello my name is Kendra Hill.. I created my blog "What's happenin over at the Hill's?" so that I can have somewhere to gather all my thoughts. Just an FYI there are ALOT of thoughts that go through my mind to gather, so just warning you. I am 23 years old and have been married to my husband Sam for 3 1/2 years. I have no children at this time. I live in Skyline, AL and I love my life.

Sam & I have been married like I said for 3 1/2 years, we got married on September 22, 2007. He is my best friend! We had a huge church wedding at Plevna Holiness Church & Bro. Ricky Holman married us. I had 4 bridesmaids and 4 flower girls & a mini bride.. so yeah it was a huge wedding.. I loved it! I wish I could go back & enjoy it a little bit longer. I feel like it went by so fast. We honeymooned in Disney World which was WONDERFUL. My wonderful mother gave us the gift of this huge wedding and that nice honeymoon. I love her so much.

Speaking of my mother I hope that one day I can be half the mother she has been to me and my brother Colby. She is such a wonderful woman. My dad left us 5 years ago I was 18 years old still leaving at home & it was just me, my mom & my brother for awhile & so of course we all bonded cause my dad didn't want anything to do with us anymore. So needless to say I have a very strong bond with my mom & brother. I wish that God hadn't gave us the life that we had but I look back now and we might not be as strong as we are.

Now speaking of my brother he is so wonderful, he will be 21 this year. He thinks he is grown and which I guess he is but to me he will always be my baby brother. He has done alot of things with his life and I am very proud of him. He is dating this really nice girl named Charity. Which we are hoping she will be officially in the family by the end of this year.

I go to Hytop Holiness Church which at first I will admit I wasn't happy with, just getting married & I didn't have a job & I was leaving my family it was just alot on my plate but now.. I love it there! I love the people there & it's just my home church & I am proud to be a part of it.

I will go ahead & let you know that alot of my blogs will be about a baby, that's what is usually on my mind and usually where my thoughts lead me. Like I stated earlier we don't have any children but it isn't because we don't want any. I have some health problems that the doctor says can make it hard for us to have children & hard seems to be an understatement. It's not only rough physically but mentally I think I am going loose it sometimes. I never thought that having children would be this hard. A day rarely passes by when I don't cry about wanting a baby. It's hard I have alot of people around me having babies, I have 3 best friends and at one time they were all pregnant of course Chanel has already had Xander so now only 2 of my best friends are pregnant but that don't make my situation any easier. I have a million people tell me that it will happen when it's time and it'll be the right time and although I am very thankful for the encouragement if you have never been in this situation it's hard to be so understanding about the right time. My worries are what if the "right" time never comes. I will be devastated. I know I serve an Almight God and I am very thankful that he performs miracles daily cause I am afraid we might need a miracle, but I know he won't let us down & when we get to hold that miracle in our arms we won't take it for granted we will truly be thankful.

I think I have finally said enough for the "getting started" part..

Until next time.. Mrs. Hill