Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Memory Of......

So I haven’t posted anything in awhile, I’ve been so busy working on crafts that I usually don’t get bed until at least after midnight every night. So you should check out my website at right now to see all my new projects!

The past 2 days I have thought so much of Bro. Eric and just how much I miss him. I think about all the trials that I have been through the past 3 years I think he would have just been able to hug my neck and wipe my tears away so many times. I hate it so bad that he is gone. I wish I had another chance just to tell him just exactly how much I loved him and much confidence I had in him. I hope that I will be able to help the young kids like he helped all of us. Bro. Eric was my hero in so many more ways than he will ever know he was. I wish I could just tell him how much he meant to me but as he looks down on me I hope he sees just how much I think about him and how much I miss and love him. He would be so proud of how I have done at Hytop. I can actually see him smiling, taking me by the neck and saying “Sis. Kendra you have done exactly what you were taught to do and the lord sees that and he will bless you for all you have done” It brings tears to my eyes… I loved his testimony about working for that phone company and how he so badly wanted to come to church on Wednesday night and  how he went in the bathroom and prayed that the lord would help him and the lord showed him right where the problem was and how to fix it and he just went in there and told those people just everything and if I remember correctly he got a wonderful blessing that night… I loved hearing that testimony, a testimony that will stick with me forever. I am not bragging at all but I remember one time I had just got a good job so probably around 16-17 years old and my check was like $225 and the lord told me to give Bro. Eric and Sis. Mindy $200 and begin a young girl and leaving me only $25 was so hard… I remember praying and praying about it but the lord wanted me to give that to them and I knew he did. I remember putting it in an envelope and putting it in my purse and I told the lord if they are BOTH at church I will give them the money, but the money already wasn’t mine to keep... so anyways they both weren’t at church that night and it was like that money was burning a hole in my purse… I waited until after church and I ran outside and hollered for Sis. Mindy and I gave her the envelope and like ran lol so worried I would take it back… remember I was young here.. lol anyways it wasn’t much longer they came back to church and Bro. Eric got up and testified about how he was having to have surgery and they needed $200 down payment and they didn’t have it and that the lord let someone give them that money and man how thankful I was that I had listened to the lord. I am so glad the lord worked through me I wish he would more but that is probably more my fault than anyone’s…

I know this blog was probably boring to others but I feel so good.. I just have been thinking about you Bro. Eric for days and I miss you so much, can’t wait to see you and know that I love you so much and I still and try to take care of Sis. Mindy which I know you watch over her way better than I do.

Monday, October 31, 2011


This weekend has been rough. I have made it months it seems like not having a “baby” breakdown which I am so proud of myself for that. However I knew eventually it would sneak up on me and I was so right. I would’ve never thought Halloween would be a hard holiday for me as it’s my favorite holiday but this year is so much different and my heart is so broken. I guess it all started on Friday when I kept getting text messages from all my friends letting me know they were going be bringing their babies to come see us. That’s fine I love children and I love love love my friends children. It’s just so hard for me and I didn’t think it would be. I just cried and cried cause I mean I want to take my baby trick or treating but I don’t have one to take, it really upsets me. I know it’s like poor pitiful me but I am not that way I promise. The idea of just sitting at home in the dark pretending we aren’t home so my friends won’t see me cry but that wont happy I’ll have my house lit up and a big smile on my face with my camera all ready for my friends children to come and trick or treat at kiki’s! Just please wish me luck cause I will need it, it looks like J

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long Time I know

Wow! Ok so I’ve either been doing very good or hiding it so well. I’ve always been so good at hiding things. This week though has been a rough one on me. I keep hoping I’ll pick back up where I broke down at. Yesterday it was a picture; today it was a child’s cry. How do I pick back up? How do I go on like I once did? Take a deep breath, head up and just go on like normal. Wow I never knew a heavy heart or longing heart I should say for a child could be so heavy. For anyone in this position it feels so lonely. It feels like there isn’t anyone else in this place but if you look around there are other footprints around, but who am I? I need to be listening to my own advice. We had our first couple get together since Beth had Arie and let’s just Sam held me while I cried myself to sleep once we got home. It seemed like every time the boys would go outside to smoke the girls just talked about their children whether it was how much they ate, what they ate, how long they slept. It was all about baby talk, and where was I? Not talking about my baby just holding everyone else’s baby. I know it’s hard for someone that hasn’t been here to really see where I am coming from but it hurts so badly. I know one day my day will come and one day I will be extremely happy and so will everyone else when I do have a baby, it’s the when part that really gets to me. I am thinking what if I never have one, what if I never get to witness those feelings, the motherly feelings. People have mentioned about adoption and that’s fine but I see my checkbook almost every day and I know there is no possible way for that to happen. I had to go for more bloodwork last month & we didn’t get a good report at all and I am just like really? Really? This is how it’s going be huh? Lol I do try and keep a positive attitude towards it all and just try and laugh through it because I have always been that kind of person. I just ask that you guys please say a little prayer for us if you think about it. I know it affects the woman more than the man but sometimes I can just see things on Sam’s face when we find out more negative and it’s hard. I just hope one day we might be able to hold and spoil our on miracle instead of everyone else’s.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Business Website

Hey guys make sure you check out, it's mine & Cassie's new website page for a little small business "Oh Sew Cute" we are trying to get started. You can always email us at if you want to place any orders or if you have any questions. So please go take a look, new stuff coming all the time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NEW Addition

I sewed this last night, it's a black pillowcase dress with zebra ribbon and I monogrammed a "G" on the bottom. This will be given as a birthday present.

Please leave me comments, or email me at & give me your opinions! I need some feed back!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sew Sew Sew!! I love my new machine!

Take a look @ the things that were made this weekend. Sis Lora made the dresses while I made the burp clothes, bibs & did the monogramming!!!

Back Side of the Alabama bib & burp cloth

Front Side of the Alabama burp cloth

TinkerBell Dress

Another view of the Alabama burp cloth

Alabama Dress

Back side of another bib and hat

Front view of the Alabama bib & burp cloth

Beth's Hospital Robe where I monogrammed "mommy"

Red & Ivory Dress

Front Side of the brown & turq. bib & hat

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jesus &

Give it over to him … isn’t those words so much easier said than actually done? I will agree I think the same thing as you do, they are. I think if it was easy than everyone would be worry free. Worry free? Hmm wonder what that feels like? Did you know I read this blog the other day where a couple had been trying to have a baby for 8 months and they finally got to have a precious little angel and she died at 4 months old, 4 months old! I mean that’s so sad! I would much rather never have children than to have one and lose it. I think that would be the hardest thing to overcome. I pray lord will you please comfort that family and I don’t even know who they are or anything but my heart was so touched. Maybe the lord will just let them know that she is a little angel up in heaven.

I have been doing so good, well I think so anyways it could be a lot worse, it has been a lot worse. I am just trying to make it one day at a time. I hope that the lord sees my efforts of trying to get a better grasp on this situation. Every girl dreams of growing up, getting the holyghost, getting married, having a family, being able to stay at home with your family & eventually become a grandmother & just live such a happy life. I have such a happy life right now. I love Sam so much I just wish we had a family, a part of both of us. I think sometimes the lord just has to give me a baby because he knows how I feel and he knows my heart more than anyone. I wake up thinking about a baby, go through my day thinking about a baby, go to bed thinking about a baby, and dream about babies, it’s truly a desire of my heart. That desire even goes as far as I want to be able to stay at home and I raise my children instead of someone else I want that so bad in my life. I know the lord will give it to me if that’s in his plan I just pray that I can hold out until that time comes. It would be so much easier if he would be like “Kendra in 9 months you’re going have a baby” funny I know and to easy but it’d help a lot. I wouldn’t waste tears and worries… but I am sure I will be a strong person when this is over with. I know already I have looked at everyone else that has had problems and oh my lord found so many new friends going through the same thing. I just got to keep my head up! I will make it through it and eventually you guys will have a blog full of MY baby pictures instead of everyone else’s LOL

So Beth is 5 days away from her due date! I am super excited. My bag has been packed all week with comfortable clothes and this awesome shirt that I made to wear when we head to the hospital. Make sure you see the pics!

Front of my shirt
Back of my shirt

I went to Beth’s the other night and see the beautiful nursery pretty much done. I seen what all Beth was planning on bringing to the hospital… she had lots of dresses & hairbows and said we were “going to play” lol and I just can’t wait! We are planning on going to Shogun tonight… girls night… might be the last one with just us two… Anyways I will keep you guys updated with LOTS of pictures when Arie does FINALLY get here!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Caught UP... I hope

Revival is over, whew! What a long/short week all in one... I’ll start out with Saturday (the day before revival) we were getting the house all together cause we were having our 1st set of company over on Saturday night and we are outside & Sam had went in the house to get something out of the basement & he comes running outside & says I need you inside cause we have a leak in the basement, I run inside with Sam and we go to the basement and we have a new “in-house” swimming pool! We have no idea how long it has been leaking... so whatever we have to call his dad to come over and next thing I know I have a house full of people trying to fix a leak... while I am still cleaning trying to get things together! Of course Sunday starts revival... everything went pretty good... we got to Monday night & someone hit Kevin & Shavonnah’s  car at church so they were needing a car that night cause they were helping with company with Darryl and Amanda so someone takes Sam home to get his truck in between church so that we can give them our car. So we decide to go over to Darryl and Amanda’s for company and they talk us into helping with the young kids on Tuesday night because they didn’t have any where to go! Lol so we did... & then on Wednesday or Thursday night Beth had ordered pizzas for company that night & Landon was going to pick them up and bring them to their house so after church is over we go to their house.. And Landon is nowhere to be found so when we call Lana to find out where he is at, he has taken our pizzas to the park! LOL so Sam & I had to run to the house & throw all our leftovers from Saturday night together so Beth’s company would have supper... LOL it was soooo crazy!! Ok so then we make it through revival... PTL with 4 saved souls... 1 that we get to keep & Saturday (after revival) Sam is headed home and has a wreck messing his truck up umm $7500 worth! So yeah… needless to say any blessings from revival were FASTLY gone... So my thoughts were… and I am sorry lord… BUT I was thinking REALLY!? Why is this happening… we gave our car up during revival so willing cause we love Kevin & Shavonnah so much and knew they would need help, then we helped out & gave a place for the young kids to go on Tuesday night… why in the world is this happening!? But the lord has a plan and whether or not we knew it then or now… because we still don’t it has to be a good plan! So in the mist of all this craziness… we came home from work on Thursday and I got our mail and there was a blank envelope in the mailbox and when I open it up it was MORE than enough money to help us pay for Sam’s deductible. I don’t know who done that and I probably never will but if that person is reading my blog right now… we are so thankful and truly appreciate it as we needed it and the lord knew and we are so thankful you listened to him and prays and hopes that the lord blesses you for doing the will of the lord. Colby has turned 21! I can’t believe my baby brother is officially an adult… it’s so sad! Oh yeah and while all this craziness was going on revival Cameron Wayne Marberry decided to come into this world, he was 7lbs 11oz & 20 ½ inches long! He wasn’t doing well at first with fluid on his lungs and bad jaundice and he had to be in the NICU for a little while but finally got to come home. I got to go see him Saturday… he is so precious!

On another note… Bethie has 22 days from 2day until Arianna’s due date. I can’t wait to hold, kiss & spoil her! The nursery seems to be coming along… I haven’t got a chance to go over & help her & Lora get it together this weekend but plan on helping throughout the week. I can’t believe it’s so close! It seems like the LONGEST pregnancy ever but could probably because I’ve known at least 3 days after she found out herself…lol I am hoping that I will be able to take the birth pretty good. I am so worried I will lose it & be a mentally crazy person crying like crazy and not able to stop! I want to be strong for Beth but can only hope someone will be able to be strong for me and help me to remember that my day will SURELY come…I have already cried today just cause it’s so hard, I wish it wouldn’t be so hard… I could handle it better if it wasn’t so hard…But someday it will have to be my turn because I want it so bad, I want to be able to have a baby and become a great mother… I want to be able to love my baby, hold my baby, feel my baby grow… and my love for that baby grow with the growth of the baby! I know sounds crazy… but I just think I will enjoy motherhood so much… I will love being a mother and can’t wait… but enough with this unless you want a flood to come…

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Revival CRAZY!!

Well revival is here! I will be supper busy from here on out not that I haven’t been busy before now trying to buy everything and get my house ready. Why does revival have to be so stinking stressful? I think you have revival so that peoples’ minds can get freed from all the stress they put up with before revival even starts… haha… We are having Bro. Jimmy & Bro. Arthur this year. I am not doing the preachers this year because I wanted to take it easy yet I have talked myself into 2 nights of company at my house and 2 nights of company at Beth’s house… so busy busy busy… I was able to take off from work this week so I am so excited about getting to be at church every service this year. That will be great. I am hoping the lord won’t leave me out while he blesses everyone…

So Beth only has 41 days left until Arie should be here… which she will probably be late just like her mommy and daddy are always… lol sorry Bethie.. but you know it’s true.. Anyways I can’t wait to see her and hold her and love her oh yeah and spoil her!!! I will be the best aunt ever!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:'( NOT FAIR AT ALL.... :'(

Friday, July 8, 2011


I am sitting here today just heart-broken, I hate having to go through this whole baby thing. I think almost every day I ask myself (rather I guess I ask the lord) why I have to go through this. Will this trial really make me stronger? Will this trial really help me to be a better person? Will this trial really have me help someone in the same position that I am in? Well the answer in the end is always the same no matter what time or day it is... and that answer is “I hope so” I hope I am able to be a stronger and better person out of this trial and if I am going through this trial of not becoming a mother right away just to help someone else out then that’s fine. Lord I’d be willing to do that because 1st of all I know I have places to move up in being a stronger and better person and I love being able to help anyone and everyone that I can. As the minute that we decided to try for a family turned into an hour, then a day, then a week & now months & months have gone by I have realized a lot about myself. However I have realized a lot about life as well I have always known that when I did become a mother I would love my child no matter what but now not being able to have a child right away I think I will probably love my child even more then I thought I could, like my love for my child is already so strong and I don’t even have one. It gets harder and harder with each person you know becoming parents, I pray several times just asking for wisdom, asking for patience (which have ran thin) maybe that’s what got me in this trial to begin with the lord knew I might need to get better with my patience. The lord may not want us to be parents and I am trying to talk myself into if that’s his plan then I will just try and be happy with that plan as he knows best anyways. I have my good and bad days as every does in their lives, fireworks kept my mind busy although I would have to slide my sunglasses over my eyes once my mind settled down and the thoughts had time to surface. I am hoping revival will also keep my mind busy and I won’t have to worry about baby fever once again. It’s always hard around revival time because you see all the people and their kids coming from everywhere. I have learned to be able to control my emotions as long as my mind is busy but once it ever settles down and I do get to thinking about it it’s not as easy. Like someone told me the other day when you want something so bad it’s hard not to think about it all the time and that’s exactly how I feel. It’s like it takes over my life sometimes, I want to plan my own baby shower instead of a friends, I want to hold my own baby instead of a friends, I want to buy my own baby clothes instead of my friends baby. Please someone help me, I am begging for help. I feel like I can’t even pray for myself anymore… as I sit here in tears just thinking lord please if you’re not going hear me just maybe you will hear someone’s prayer. I don’t know what else to do it’s like my mind can only take so much and it’s at a breaking point. I just never thought once being a young kid that I would have problems having a family and it seems like now that I want a family it is the hardest thing. I know I know for those of y’all that will read this and say it’ll happen when the time is right. I know that I’ve heard that over and over and yes that’s great thanks for encouraging me but I know that already, I just need help on waiting until the “right time” gets here. It’s so much harder done than said. Just please anyone out there if and when you think about me please pray, I know I have to wait until the time is right until the lord is ready to give me a family and I am fine with that but that’s the hard part is it’s hard to just wait and wait… I feel like I am at the end and need a boost from something to help me wait until my little miracle gets here!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Selling Fireworks Year 1 LOL

This is Andrew.. hmm well he was suppose to be directing traffic.. lol He wasn't to happy with Uncle Daniel at this time cause he was having to hold a stupid arrow sign LOL

LOL man this is Andrew again I wish so bad you were there & could have seen him moving his hips with the arrow.. FUNNY!!!

Yeah well this was our tent.. at Paint Rock- we  were selling fireworks had about 8 customers in the building & I am outside & the wind takes our tent.. I had to run to catch it from hitting cars! It was the 2nd time this tent broke on us.. lol

STUPID Snake fireworks.. lol don't ever buy these.. hahaha

A sled.. that is suppose to go forward.. yeah well it went reverse on us ALMOST causing a BIG BANG lol

Beth & Arie hard at work- lol

Kiki hard at work.. I was holding this huge finger flag on the side of 72 waving at ppl lol

Beth & Arie- caught in the act.. lol just kidding.. we were just trying to go to Disney World.. Bro Chris!

It was sooooooooo HOTTTTT in the building so we tried to rig this up.. lol

Me sitting around.. waiting on customers

still waiting on


& my new "holy" skirt.. thanks to Beth & bottle rockets!
Bro Chris was doing the "sell firework dance" lol

So I got ready... toooo

Call on all Gods with Beth & Arie.. lol HAHAHAHAHAHA

We were bored.. so we had to do something to keep us from crying!!!

This is me again with the huge firework flag.. lol

All in all we had a BLAST selling fireworks for our first year.. we made alot of memories.. and have alot of funny stories!! Paint Rock well.. it was real.. and it was fun but ... well might as well leave it at that... Good luck Mayor Counts getting someone to run against you.. maybe could get the old guy on the golf cart... LOL

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love to COLOR.. lol

Sorry I just had to share with you what I've been doing today.. I love to color.. lol I think I will take it to our fireworks stand & hang it up somewhere..


Here is some of our firework stock... so you better come buy your fireworks with us...

Another side of the wall showing our stock!

This is our awesome building... the peace sign is so cool!!!

Beth, Arie & Cody waving at cars going by trying to wave people

Yet again another side of the wall- stocked with fireworks!

We left Cody all alone waving in people.. lol but still so funny I think he said "hey" and waved to every vehicle lol

Happy 4th of July... AAA Fireworks is located in Paint Rock on 72 right before Gurley (if your headed to Huntsville) or right after Gurley (if your headed to Woodville) We will be open from 10-10 Thursday & then probably at least 10-12 (or later depending on business) on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday! So you better come by and visit us and bring some money so you can buy some fireworks.. I will try & post more pictures later.. Beth & I were in the median waving at people yesterday so maybe I can come up with more crazy pictures... lol

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2 of back in the dumps

Yeah yeah yeah... so day 2 started actually late last night & ran into the actually time of Day 2 of today.... joy for me!! I received a phone call last night, someone stating that one of my close friends had decided to turn away from the Lord.. I mean I just don't understand what people are thinking these days? I know myself I have to probably talk my brain into it everyday that we are going make.. I mean I have to make it.. but WAY more importantly I want to make it more then anything.. I can already tell the lord helps me on a daily basics even though I already knew he did it was proven... it has been 10 years since my dad has quit going to church.. 10 years yesterday and every year when June 27th rolls around my mom is always sad.. and my brother & I hate that so bad.. we usually try to always talk to her throughout the day by text or calls and just keep her mind busy.. we try & take her out to eat & like I said keep her mind busy and off of the date.. so she text me this morning & said she had forgot about the date as well as all of us cause we didn't think about it and I am so thankful & praise the lord for that!! It means so much to me that he did that.. I mean we had another spiritual death to think about but it's taken us 10 LONG years to not think about my dad.. and I am so happy for that.. feels like we are finally over a milestone.. feels good.. it's never easy to have a spiritual death but the lord knows.. he knows how to comfort you and that's exactly what he has done for my family.

Oh another note.. we are selling fireworks this year in Paint Rock & last night was our 1st night open.. It was so much fun!! I love selling fireworks, I've been around while the Middlebrooks have sold fireworks for the past 3 years but finally we stepped in & helped out this year instead of just waving people in for them.. lol I am praying for a good sale this year.. maybe it will happen!!

Beth has 57 days until Arie should arrive, that's very exciting.. I can't wait to hold her.. I love my new niece already so much!! We are going spoil her.. and love her.. and I just can't wait!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1 of back in the dumps

Man I've been doing so good with this "baby" thing.. I mean it's been several months but here it comes creeping back up.. all I can seem to think about.. I just hate it.. it's so hard when your constantly thinking about something that you can't handle anyways, but I mean what else is there to do? I cry. I pray. I cry some more. I pray some more. Then I guess I just start that all over.. I don't know how else to handle it. We've been going to revivals like crazy this year well the past 3 weeks.. so it's like you go in the church find yourself a seat & there are children everywhere.. friends with babies, friends with babies on the way, strangers with babies.. even one time at Scottsboro I seen this one young girl that had a baby that wasn't even 1 year and it looked like she was pregnant again. People are happy to have children on the way, while others take it for granted so bad.. they say they didn't even want the baby when I just would love to be able to have a baby. I would love to be able to hold a miracle that God gave me. I watch shows on TV and guess what a baby shows up on it.. its like I am being haunted! Over the weekend I got in the conversation with some girls that were talking about how the bible states to get married and bear children, children being plural.. OK well I am just sitting there thinking.. OK well what about the women that cant have children.. & so I brought that statement up and their next comment was well you can adopt!? OK yeah let me write a $30,000 check right now so I can have a baby, it don't work that way.. I mean who has $30,000 just laying around- I know we don't! It just seems so unfair.. I told them I could probably come up with 10 women that I know trying to have babies.. trying to start a family.. TRYING to bear child(ren) and it just doesn't seem meant.. it's scary.. I hope that when the lord does bless me with a baby, a family that I wont forget how it is and I wont take it for granted cause I don't want to. I want to always remember that I cried and prayed for my little miracle. Sorry again guys.. but it looks like the sad pitiful baby talk will be back.. maybe not for long this time.. maybe i can get strong once again.. please pray.. please help me!

Until next time... Mrs. Hill

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cassie's Bday/Anniversary Dinner

I love my Cassie!! She is so great & has always been in my life for as long as I can remember.. you have always been there for me & I hope that I've been able to return the favor... Happy Birthday & Anniversary today Cassie Meagan Trotman!!! Enjoy the embarassing pictures.. lol

Cassie was so embarassed! I am glad she didn't kill me...

Jadin.. she is so spoiled.. lol I wonder by who ?? lol

Jadin wanted Lee to wear the hat LOL

Then of course she had to wear it.. lol

She was being shy.. lol NOT like her mom LOL

Jadin said t was her turn to wear it!

Yeah I am glad Sam told them instead of me cause she would have really killed me! LOL

Cassie's Birthday/Anniversary Present that I got her.. She loved it.. which I am glad lol

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arie's Baby Shower 05/21/2011

So Beth had a great shower Saturday- yes I am sorry I know I am behind but I've had internet problems.. Check out the "pretty in pink" pictures..
Kiki & Bethie BFFs

Beth & Kristina

Aunt Rhonda & Jenny

Aunt Donna & Sis Treva

Beth & Leah

Granny Mae & Sis Dean

L:R... Sis Treva, Gran Gran, Granny, Sis Edith & Sis Sonja

Shav & Allie Kate & Aunt Maronica in the background

The BEAUTIFUL cake...

The beautiful tent outside!

Sis Lora made the wreath it was soooo pretty & again that beautiful cake!

MawMaw acting so funny with her balloon hat Bro Chris made!

Wreath up close.. Sis Lora did such a GREAT job!!

Decorations coming together slowly but surely...

Beth, Shav, Kris & Sis Sandy

This is Arie's SUPER cute tutu & headband that her Aunt Kiki bought her, that she is GOING TO LOVE!!

Carlie is stuff her face with of course a pink cupcake.. lol

Ummm Christy.. the theme was PINK NOT orange.. go change... you don't match!! lol

In the end, Beth well Arie had a GREAT shower.. I was so happy for her.. I can't wait until Arie gets here.. I already love her so much.. Loved the pink.. oh and the invitations were so cute.. Let me add a pic of it on here..

Ok I can't get it to turn right.. idk why but anyways it has the poem I wrote for Beth which says:
Oce upon a time two people fell in love,
He knew exactly what he was doing, the Lord above.
Cody & Beth joined lives together on January 09, 2009,
Now welcoming a little girl is so divine.
On August 24th she is set to arrive,
Sleepless nights and dirty diapers they will have to survive.
Save the date of May 21st and don't be tardy,
Be sure to wear pink to this grand party.