Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Giraffe & Hot Pink

This complete set, which includes a reversible blanket, onesie/pant outfit & matching hairbow.
Blanket: $50 (keep in mind this one is reversible so you don't have to have it reversible)
Onesie: $12 (this includes the onesie & the applique letter)
Pants: I don't know about the pants yet, this was my first time making them, I would like to learn a little bit better.
Hairbow & Headband: $4.50

This is an up close of the 3 initials, the font is cocoa

This is an up close of the name, the font is cocoa

Friday, March 30, 2012

Family in NEED

Alright so I know a lot of people probably don’t read my blog but those of you that do I hope you will take a moment to read this and maybe we can make a difference.

There is a couple from Pleasant Grove Holiness Church, some of you might know them but Bro. Scott & Sis. Amy Pace. Their house has recently burnt down and they have completely lost everything. They have 3 children Dylan 13, Taylor 9, & Dawson 5. I would love to be able to help them out. If any of you out there has any clothes, shoes, money, home goods, anything you would like to donate to them I would appreciate it.

I’ve never done anything like this so I don’t even know where to begin (so any help would be greatly appreciated) I would guess that maybe we can put a date on when to take everything we can gather up to them I guess that date can be Friday April 13, 2012, that way I can take whatever I have come up with to them on Saturday April 14, 2012. I know when my mom lost her house so many people pulled together and I just want to try and do the same thing for someone else. I heard that they are staying with her parents.

I am sure with them losing everything, everything is needed. My plan is to give them either cash money or gift card that way they can buy whatever they really need and that way they aren’t getting duplicates of the toiletries’.

You can email me at khill@spineandneuro.com (work email) or you can call/text me at 256-509-9344. Hopefully we can help them out.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Baby Hill at 12 weeks. We went yesterday for another picture! The heartbeat was 166, both of us doing great. This is my little piglet! I can't wait to hold him/her in my arms and giving it all my kisses! It looks like it is sucking it's thumb in this picture.. aww it's so precious!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just thoughts

Alright so do you ever think you have a lot of faith in God and think yeah he can really do anything that wants to do and when that time comes you start thinking “Oh Lord, well I really do hope that he can!” I am at that point in my life. I have always been very confident that the lord would just work it out that I could be a stay at home mom and that when I got pregnant everything would just fall right into place and the lord would provide that desire of my heart, to stay at home and raise my child. Well the time has come the decision is here to make and I think Oh lord just what if we can’t make it with me staying at home. I have always been the glass is half full and Sam has always been the glass is half empty and now it seems our roles have switched. I love my husband and how determined he is to make it where I can stay at home and him be the one providing. As I am talking to Sam I ask have you got a sign that maybe you just haven’t shared with me… we both laugh… but I am serious… I am so scared but I do trust Sam but more importantly I trust the God I serve. I think of how many times I have asked him to do things for me and they were answered not always right on time and not always what I wanted but just perfect when it did happen. Take us having a child right now, we have tried and tried and you guys know the trial I went through and even though you probably lost count at all my bad days even those that I didn’t blog about and I am so thankful for every single one of them. I think that if we would have had a baby before now how life might now have worked out like it is right now at this moment, this perfect moment. Sam and I both are so extremely excited and so happy that we are going become parents. I have went through so many pregnancies over the past few years, some where the parents weren’t happy that a baby was on the way, some where 1 parent was happy and the other wasn’t, some where no one was happy for the couple and the parents were happy, some where the dad felt like the mom practically made him give in to have a baby, and through all of those pregnancies I didn’t one of them to be me and Sam, I wanted us to both be happy we were having a baby and everyone around us to be happy. The thought crossed my mind when people were pregnant that even if I did get pregnant no one would even be happy cause that person was having a baby before I was but it isn’t that way, and if it was I wouldn’t care cause all that matters is that Sam and I are happy (which we are) Everyone around us is showering us with excitement, just as much excitement as we have. I couldn’t think that it could be more perfect. Today as I blog I think lord I have prayed and prayed for years and years for the “perfect” life… can life truly get any more perfect then mine? I want the lord (which he should already know, even though I can’t thank him enough) to know along with you guys that I am so thankful that the lord gave me the holyghost almost 13 years ago, and gave Sam the holyghost almost 6 years ago and in just a few month we will be married for 5 years, and just a few months after that 5 year mark the lord will bless us with our first bundle of joy, boy or girl I know we will both be happy. I love the lord and his plan, before I could get to this point I know I would think Lord why do you have to not let me get pregnant, when will I ever find a husband, why don’t we have money, all these questions… things I was so upset about like the lord didn’t love me, when loved me more then I even realized is what he did. I mean he has just worked it all out more then I can even blog about, probably more then I even know. I know this blog doesn’t really have a purpose just a bunch of chit chat. I guess I just was so thankful at how the lord worked things out and hope that in that time of need of faith I hope I will have it, when I step out on his faith I hope I am able to stand and not fall. I know he just has to be there with me, especially that’s what I can hope for J

Friday, March 16, 2012


Ok so I am so excited! LOL I just had to share with everyone else… So Sam and I were at Lowe’s last night and I am walking around by myself and this strange lady (whom I have no idea who she is) says “Aww are you having a boy or girl?” and OML I started screaming in my mind… lol I was so excited cause this was a total stranger that had no idea who I was or if I was really pregnant and she asked me. Sam was like Kendra why are you so happy about that and I was like cause it means I look pregnant & I am not just fat lol… I was so excited… I think it made it more real… now I just can’t wait to feel the baby move, the way people are describing I might have already felt it move but I don’t know… lol

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yard Sale Blog

Nevermind I went ahead and created one.. lol So go visit buyandsaleblog.blogspot.com. The thing is going be you can email me a picture of something you have for sale or something you made along with the price of the item and your contact information to buyandsaleblog@yahoo.com and I will post it to this blog. I will ONLY be responsible for posting the information, that's why it's important for you to make sure you send me the correct contact information so that if someone wants to buy it they can get ahold of you. Hope this is a big hit and have fun shopping!!!

Yard Sale Blog?

Ok so I am thinking about either starting a yard sale blog and you could email me pictures of stuff you wanted to sale along with the price of what you want for it and how people can contact you, would anyone be interested in that?? If not I might just start putting stuff I have for sale on my blog. I have a lot of stuff I would like to get rid of and I need some extra money.. lol

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad Weather

The front of my Mom & Brother's House

Close up of the front of the house

Back view of the house

Outside building that is completely flipped over

Some of you may have heard but my mom and brother are in need of your prayers. They were in the tornado Friday that came through New Market. They were sitting in their house watching the news and it hadn't said anything about take cover so they were just watching the news and the power went off so they went outside to the porch and mom seen the clouds & Colby said that there was rotation in the clouds and so they jumped off the porch and took off running towards the neighbors house that has a storm shelter. Mom said that the tornado kept hitting them in the back, the wind was blowing so hard. Mom said trees were just falling left and right as they were running. They got to the neighbors house but the door was locked and so they just grabbed each other and held each other underneath the neighbors carport. Mom said the tornado was so strong it ripped her contacts out of her eyes, and she couldn't breathe at all. Not one place on Colby's face could even be touched that didn't have debre on it. The carport started to collasped and mom said that she just was waiting for death to come, and the neighbors truck was parked under the carport and it caught the carport otherwise it would have smashed Mom and Colby. He said he never parks his truck where it was parked Friday which was just the lord, otherwise it would have killed them. In just a few minutes the window just fell down, it didn't break or anything the whole window pane fell away from the wall & Colby was able to jump in through the window and open the door and they were able to get into the neighbors house. Its just by God's mercy that my family is still alive and with me today. I thank the lord cause my life could be so different right now. I have 3 MAIN people in my life that is my "family" and that's my mom, brother and Sam. I could have easily lost 2 of them Friday and I want the lord to know just how thankful I am. There were about 50 people Friday that was at my mom's house helping us try to salvage everything we could and those people will NEVER be forgotten in our eyes. I think about all the people that came from near and a far to put in a helping hand when my family were in need and I am so thankful. The amount of love that was shown and still being shown is truly appreciated. Bro. Dennis & Sis. Kathleen Hereford are letting mom & Colby stay in their rental house which is in New Market and we were able to get them moved right in to that house and I am so thankful! My heart is truly thankful. I know I keep saying that over and over but nothing like this has ever happen to me or my family and I am so thankful. I take so much for granted and I don't want to do that anymore. I will ask that you guys please keep them in your prayers. They will need your prayers for awhile, I just ask that you guys pray the lord will bless them after having to go through this. I know it's my family and I have the "bragging" rights but all bragging aside, my mom taught me and Colby to do just as she always does and that's to drop what we are doing and us do without to help the ones in need and I believe with all my heart Colby and I have always tried to do that. I know my mom has helped and helped people throughout my 24 years of life and I know the lord won't let her down. After dad left he left her in alot of debt and she was having to work 4 jobs to pay her bills and the things he left her in and I pray the lord will just bless her and hopefully she won't have to work so much and she can just live her life without the stress and worry that she had before. Again thank you guys for all the love you have shown and please continue to pray for my mom & brother.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Alright bloggers (and creepers LOL) we are on baby gender celebration day COUNTDOWN, 85 days from today we will find out what the baby will be!!! WOOHOO Sam & I are on the same team, Team Braylon.. so we are wondering what team you are on.. LOL so I am going try to keep track for the next 85 days to see who will be right so you can leave a comment on here telling me your name and what you think Baby Hill is going be or you can text/call me at 256-509-9344 and let me know who you are and what you think Baby Hill is going be... so get to predicting people!!! It's either Team Braylon or Team Jenna!!!

Baby Hill Picture Two

Ok guys this is Baby Hill at 8 weeks and 5 days! We went to the doctor today and everything is perfect and going well my due date is October 10th! I am so excited!!!!!! I got to hear the heartbeat of my little prince/princess! I cried when I heard the heartbeat as I am tearing up now, I am a mother, I am going to have a baby after all this time and wait the lord has blessed me with a child and for this I am so thankful and grateful and I want the lord to just know how thankful I am. I thought this day would never come and today when I heard the heartbeat it was so real. I know I hear mothers complain all the time about their children whether they do something wrong or are bad kids, and I hope the lord will remind me everyday of just where I came from cause I am so thankful and I want to continue to be thankful. Sam and I are so happy and blessed and thank you guys for praying for us, I believe a special bond will always be there. I pray to God I will have a good, healthy pregnancy and baby and I pray I will be a good mother. This is what I have always wanted and am so thankful that God gave me the desires of my heart. I hope the lord will let it work out that I can stay at home to raise my already spoiled rotten bundle of joy!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


And the journey begins! Ok so I will probably add "belly" pics every 4 weeks, I will be in the same outfit everytime probably so you can tell the "growth" of my spoiled rotten baby :) Ok so I will be 8 weeks tomorrow (Friday Feb 24) I haven't been sick just extremely tired. I am so ready to start showing right now all I feel is fat. I know that I see my body everyday so I can tell my belly is starting to change but I still feel fat. I am so excited to be a mother! There has been several people that have told me how much I won't like motherhood but I don't see that happening to me, Sam and I have waited and waited for a family and it's finally on it's way and man am I so excited to endure the sleepless nights, the dirty diapers, the crying. My mother was a great mother I don't ever remember anything bad about my mom she always spoiled us and punished us just right so yeah I would get mad at her for punishing me but loved her the next second. I hope I am as wonderful to my baby as my mother was to me and still is. I can't wait to teach my baby everything I was taught and still learning. I think between Sam and I our child has a great chance of turning into a wonderful person (not boosting or anything) I just know how Sam is to me and how wonderful of a daddy he is going be and I believe I am good to him and I know I am going to be a wonderful mommy, well I hope so anyways. Sorry I know I just keep going on and on about me and my new family but it's like on here I can type and type about how excited I am and how I can't wait and just how happy our home is that a new baby is on it's way and no one just stares at me like I am a broken CD player that keeps repeating itself over and over.. lol So I guess I will let you guys go for now.. and you know I will keep everyone updated (probably to much, lol but you guys know you already love Baby Hill)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Guros Prediction

Ok so we all know well some of us do that Sis. Amy Stubblefield (married now) and Bro. Chris Middlebrooks have a little guessing baby gender gift.. so at Hytop when someone gets pregnant they are on ready for one of these two people to tell them what they are having cause their accuracy is very high.. So since Sam and I don't really care whether we have a boy or girl and since I am 8 weeks (on Friday) we weren't going to ask either one about the sex of the baby yet, plus we heard that if you really really want one over the other then it could "cloud" their judgment and they could tell you the wrong thing so I just was going wait until they came to me... well last night we were at the funeral home for my great grandmother and Amy came and sat behind us and hugged our necks well Sam couldn't take it anymore he said ok so do you have any vibes on us yet, so Amy says well yeah I have and can I just be blunt (right then I knew what she was going to say) but anyways we were like yeah please do so she said ok I think you guys are going have twins a boy and a girl, I mean as soon as I heard that you guys were pregnant that's what I thought about was twins, one of each. So yeah we were like all freaking out and laughing and Amy was serious... so I am texting Beth (cause everyone just waits to see what Amy & Chris have to say about you) so I text Beth and say soo Amy just told us what she thinks about us tonight so of course Beth is dying to know so I tell her twins one of each and so she goes CRAZY... lol so in a few mins she texts me back and she said for me to call her so I call her and she said that she had talked to her dad and that 5th weekend in January (when we had Rocky Branch night) it was on Sunday night, Bro Chris was there and someone came and laid hands on me and he thought she is going to have a baby... no she is going to have twins... but he didn't tell anyone cause he didn't even know we were expecting (no one did cause we didn't even know) so he begins to tell Beth this and of course she is telling me this so we are all freaking out cause both our baby guros have said twins, which will be SO much fun!!!!!! Beth is beside herself excited.. we text and text last night of everything going through our minds cause twins will be great.. especially if its a boy and a girl WOW can you say perfect!? I go to the doctor Wednesday February 29th so if they see two babies I will flip out.. lol

Everyone is asking is that possible and it is very possible, I have twins in my family and when we went to the doctor last Wednesday they wouldn't tell us if it was one or two, even give an excat due date said I was to early to tell anything and to come back when I am 8 weeks and they will fill us in, so you never know the heart beat might have been going so fast cause there were two babies!! I just hope if I do have twins I have a boy and a girl or 2 girls.. lol I need a girl in there somewhere.. but maybe Amy & Chris are right again and I will be bringing home a baby Braylon Corey and baby Jenna Brooke.. I guess time will tell :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Hill Picture One

First picture of my little precious baby. I will hold and love and cuddle for the rest of it's life. I am measuring 6 weeks and 5 days which is right on time to what I thought. I go back on February 29th for my 8 week check up at which time they should give me a for sure due date, which when I count it up I come up with October 5. The heartbeat was so fast... so maybe I will win this one and have a girl :) I've had about 5 people say since it was so fast it probably will be a girl! Sam & I were already so excited but to see our baby and it's heartbeat made it so much more real and more exciting... Thankful I haven't had morning sickness and I hope that continues.. So I hope you enjoy the 1st picture of many more to come of my already spoiled miracle baby.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Ok so I am sure most of you know BUT I am going to have a baby!!! I am 6 weeks along due around October 5th. I am so excited. Sam and I are still in shock but we are both so excited!! I have waited so long for this moment in my life and it’s finally here. There is so many people out that there gets pregnant left and right but for someone that has tried and tried and finally gets pregnant it isn’t taken for granted. I am so thankful and I still cry just as much as I did before when I pray, it’s like my prayers are so much different now… lord thank you for giving me this miracle that I get to be a part of but please let it be healthy and please let it be good, as no one will never know if I don’t sleep through the night cause I will always be thankful for every cry my precious baby makes and I hope I can endure being pregnant with a happy heart through all the sickness and aches and pains which I haven’t had to many of, again praise the lord.

So we have Braylon Corey for a boy and Jenna Brooke for a girl and we are so excited!!!!!!!!! Sam wants a boy and I want a girl but when it comes down to it we don’t really care just as long as it is healthy. I promise lord I will take care of this baby for its whole life, I will make sure it’s clean, and has clean diapers on, clean clothes on, smells good, I promise I will feed my baby and yes spoil it but punish it just like I am suppose to. I promise I will take it to church and raise it to respect anyone older then it and I promise to teach good manners but more importantly I promise to teach it about all the teachings I was once taught and be brought up knowing my lord, and I will let this baby know that you are the very one that gave us this miracle and I promise to thank you for my child, as I already have for my unborn child. I couldn’t think you enough. I hope I will be able to do everything right as a mother, as I read somewhere just the other day that a good mother worries if she will be a good mother as a bad mother don’t worry about that at all so I know I just have to be a good mother cause I do worry. I want my child to be raised like I was, I want my child to have the holyghost and I want everyone to like my child… lol

I know enough enough Kendra.. lol but I am so happy I am going to be a mother, I am going have my own family and only because that’s what the lord wants so you know whatever the lord does he does perfect and I am so thankful. It couldn’t be more perfect as Sam is so happy and I am so happy and this is all I dreamed and wanted in my 1st pregnancy. I hope the lord will permit me to stay at home with my children, we’ve prayed and prayed that if we did have a family the lord would only give us one where I would be able to stay home with my child and I can only hope that is why the lord let it happen now so it would work out that I could stay at home, so if you think about it just help us pray that it will work out that way!!