Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arie's Baby Shower 05/21/2011

So Beth had a great shower Saturday- yes I am sorry I know I am behind but I've had internet problems.. Check out the "pretty in pink" pictures..
Kiki & Bethie BFFs

Beth & Kristina

Aunt Rhonda & Jenny

Aunt Donna & Sis Treva

Beth & Leah

Granny Mae & Sis Dean

L:R... Sis Treva, Gran Gran, Granny, Sis Edith & Sis Sonja

Shav & Allie Kate & Aunt Maronica in the background

The BEAUTIFUL cake...

The beautiful tent outside!

Sis Lora made the wreath it was soooo pretty & again that beautiful cake!

MawMaw acting so funny with her balloon hat Bro Chris made!

Wreath up close.. Sis Lora did such a GREAT job!!

Decorations coming together slowly but surely...

Beth, Shav, Kris & Sis Sandy

This is Arie's SUPER cute tutu & headband that her Aunt Kiki bought her, that she is GOING TO LOVE!!

Carlie is stuff her face with of course a pink cupcake.. lol

Ummm Christy.. the theme was PINK NOT orange.. go change... you don't match!! lol

In the end, Beth well Arie had a GREAT shower.. I was so happy for her.. I can't wait until Arie gets here.. I already love her so much.. Loved the pink.. oh and the invitations were so cute.. Let me add a pic of it on here..

Ok I can't get it to turn right.. idk why but anyways it has the poem I wrote for Beth which says:
Oce upon a time two people fell in love,
He knew exactly what he was doing, the Lord above.
Cody & Beth joined lives together on January 09, 2009,
Now welcoming a little girl is so divine.
On August 24th she is set to arrive,
Sleepless nights and dirty diapers they will have to survive.
Save the date of May 21st and don't be tardy,
Be sure to wear pink to this grand party.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ok so I have to tell you guys about something my Best Friend Forever Beth (BFFB) done.. So as you all know she is having a baby set to be here on August 24th.. I am soo excited for her. It's a baby girl.. name Arianna (Arie).. that I am going to spoil EVERY single SECOND I get. I am going buy her all kinds of stuff and she can't ever get married unless I approve.. lol needless to say I am going be a crazy Aunt Kiki- and I just can't wait.. I plan on being at the hospital probably from the second she walks in the door to be admitted until she kicks me out that I told her we would bring books, games, coupons, computers.. lol and just wait for this little baby to come!


So when Beth found out she was having a baby she asked me if I could write her a poem, cause I already have mine written up for someday when I get to FINALLY use it & I let her read them & she loved them.. So I sat down and got her a poem together for baby Arianna & I sent it to her.. so one day this week she sent me the "rough draft" of her invitations and low and behold she had use the poem (which I knew she was going to) & at the end of the poem she wrote "Written by BFF Kendra" and OML my heart just melted... I knew Beth loved me & I knew we were BFFs but this just really touched me and made me soooo happy that the lord brought us together as friends.. I wouldn't trade her for anything she is wonderful.. so this blog is for you Bethie.. your the best friend in the WORLD and I love you and Arianna sooo much!!! I am so glad your family & our family our BFFs all the way around.. there is NO way our kids can't be BFFs (maybe even married, lol)

Until Next Time.. Mrs. Hill..

Monday, May 2, 2011


So we survived the storms! This has been crazy.. nothing I remember seeing this bad in my lifetime. We have a few shingles missing from the roof & a semi-flooded basement so nothing at all at what other people are going through.

On the other hand we did have so much fun, hanging out with friends and grilling possibly anything we could on the grill lol oh yeah and the "candle-lit" dinners.. lol it was fun!

Today was semi-back to normal.. I had to actually come into work today.. which I enjoyed being a stay at home wife WAY to much.. I can't wait until that is a permanant thing!

Glad to hear from those of you that are safe & hate to hear of the ones we lost, no one close to me or in my family but my friends families & know that I am thinking and praying for you.

Until Next Time.. Mrs. Hill...