Friday, March 11, 2011

Today's a BAD day

I wish I could write and say how wonderful today is, but NO today is a bad day. I warned ya before you started following my blog that I would have good and bad days, so it's your fault for reading.

First of all, I couldn't blog about this yesterday but one of my BEST friends was 9 weeks pregnant she told me but I couldn't tell anyone cause she didn't want anyone knowing and well she lost it yesterday. I have cried so much for her. I have never had anyone go through this before that I was close to and so therefore my heart is broken in two for her. We were trying together and of course she beat me to the point cause of all my problems. I just can't stand it. I went and seen her last night and I didn't know what to bring for "comfort" so just like any friend would do I showed up with beautiful yellow flowers in a vase along with a box of kleenex with a bow on them. I told her the flowers for something to smile about and the kleenex could wipe away her tears. So then we just cried together. I wish I could say that I helped her but I had no idea what to say except that I loved her but God loves her way much more than I do and that he knows best. If you think about her please just send a little prayer to God. I know I would appreciate it but I know she would appreciate it way more than I would.

Second of all, OML this day at work has just been a horrible one. I have just sat at my desk and cried my eyes out.. It's just crazy.

Beth finds out what she is having April 6th & I am so happy for them! I wish that would be me and maybe one day it will be. I am so excited cause she asked me to come to the appt with her to find out with I am getting a new niece or nephew and I am so excited.. I am rooting for a boy since that is what her & Cody would be happy with. Maybe when I do get preggo I will have the girl so that me, Beth & Chanel won't all have MEAN boys... lol

Until next time...Mrs. Hill


  1. I am rooting for her to have a girl!! I need to buy some little pink and purple dresses!!LOL

  2. Sorry Kiki, but I'm for a girl too! I mean, c'mon, a little girl with red curls??? CA-UTE!

    Besides, I am DYING to sew for a little girl over here! HA!

  3. I am rooting for a girl too!! Sorry Kiki but I think you are outnumbered!!

  4. Ok Girls, no fair! I'm only going with what Bedy (aka Beth & Cody) wants cause I'm the one that really wants a boy first but I don't want us all to gave the same thing.. Grandmother Helen already told me she better have a girl cause she couldn't make boy clothes, lol