Thursday, July 14, 2011

Revival CRAZY!!

Well revival is here! I will be supper busy from here on out not that I haven’t been busy before now trying to buy everything and get my house ready. Why does revival have to be so stinking stressful? I think you have revival so that peoples’ minds can get freed from all the stress they put up with before revival even starts… haha… We are having Bro. Jimmy & Bro. Arthur this year. I am not doing the preachers this year because I wanted to take it easy yet I have talked myself into 2 nights of company at my house and 2 nights of company at Beth’s house… so busy busy busy… I was able to take off from work this week so I am so excited about getting to be at church every service this year. That will be great. I am hoping the lord won’t leave me out while he blesses everyone…

So Beth only has 41 days left until Arie should be here… which she will probably be late just like her mommy and daddy are always… lol sorry Bethie.. but you know it’s true.. Anyways I can’t wait to see her and hold her and love her oh yeah and spoil her!!! I will be the best aunt ever!!!!

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