Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here is some of our firework stock... so you better come buy your fireworks with us...

Another side of the wall showing our stock!

This is our awesome building... the peace sign is so cool!!!

Beth, Arie & Cody waving at cars going by trying to wave people

Yet again another side of the wall- stocked with fireworks!

We left Cody all alone waving in people.. lol but still so funny I think he said "hey" and waved to every vehicle lol

Happy 4th of July... AAA Fireworks is located in Paint Rock on 72 right before Gurley (if your headed to Huntsville) or right after Gurley (if your headed to Woodville) We will be open from 10-10 Thursday & then probably at least 10-12 (or later depending on business) on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday! So you better come by and visit us and bring some money so you can buy some fireworks.. I will try & post more pictures later.. Beth & I were in the median waving at people yesterday so maybe I can come up with more crazy pictures... lol

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