Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Selling Fireworks Year 1 LOL

This is Andrew.. hmm well he was suppose to be directing traffic.. lol He wasn't to happy with Uncle Daniel at this time cause he was having to hold a stupid arrow sign LOL

LOL man this is Andrew again I wish so bad you were there & could have seen him moving his hips with the arrow.. FUNNY!!!

Yeah well this was our tent.. at Paint Rock- we  were selling fireworks had about 8 customers in the building & I am outside & the wind takes our tent.. I had to run to catch it from hitting cars! It was the 2nd time this tent broke on us.. lol

STUPID Snake fireworks.. lol don't ever buy these.. hahaha

A sled.. that is suppose to go forward.. yeah well it went reverse on us ALMOST causing a BIG BANG lol

Beth & Arie hard at work- lol

Kiki hard at work.. I was holding this huge finger flag on the side of 72 waving at ppl lol

Beth & Arie- caught in the act.. lol just kidding.. we were just trying to go to Disney World.. Bro Chris!

It was sooooooooo HOTTTTT in the building so we tried to rig this up.. lol

Me sitting around.. waiting on customers

still waiting on customers..lol


& my new "holy" skirt.. thanks to Beth & bottle rockets!
Bro Chris was doing the "sell firework dance" lol

So I got ready... toooo

Call on all Gods with Beth & Arie.. lol HAHAHAHAHAHA

We were bored.. so we had to do something to keep us from crying!!!

This is me again with the huge firework flag.. lol

All in all we had a BLAST selling fireworks for our first year.. we made alot of memories.. and have alot of funny stories!! Paint Rock well.. it was real.. and it was fun but ... well might as well leave it at that... Good luck Mayor Counts getting someone to run against you.. maybe could get the old guy on the golf cart... LOL

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