Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Caught UP... I hope

Revival is over, whew! What a long/short week all in one... I’ll start out with Saturday (the day before revival) we were getting the house all together cause we were having our 1st set of company over on Saturday night and we are outside & Sam had went in the house to get something out of the basement & he comes running outside & says I need you inside cause we have a leak in the basement, I run inside with Sam and we go to the basement and we have a new “in-house” swimming pool! We have no idea how long it has been leaking... so whatever we have to call his dad to come over and next thing I know I have a house full of people trying to fix a leak... while I am still cleaning trying to get things together! Of course Sunday starts revival... everything went pretty good... we got to Monday night & someone hit Kevin & Shavonnah’s  car at church so they were needing a car that night cause they were helping with company with Darryl and Amanda so someone takes Sam home to get his truck in between church so that we can give them our car. So we decide to go over to Darryl and Amanda’s for company and they talk us into helping with the young kids on Tuesday night because they didn’t have any where to go! Lol so we did... & then on Wednesday or Thursday night Beth had ordered pizzas for company that night & Landon was going to pick them up and bring them to their house so after church is over we go to their house.. And Landon is nowhere to be found so when we call Lana to find out where he is at, he has taken our pizzas to the park! LOL so Sam & I had to run to the house & throw all our leftovers from Saturday night together so Beth’s company would have supper... LOL it was soooo crazy!! Ok so then we make it through revival... PTL with 4 saved souls... 1 that we get to keep & Saturday (after revival) Sam is headed home and has a wreck messing his truck up umm $7500 worth! So yeah… needless to say any blessings from revival were FASTLY gone... So my thoughts were… and I am sorry lord… BUT I was thinking REALLY!? Why is this happening… we gave our car up during revival so willing cause we love Kevin & Shavonnah so much and knew they would need help, then we helped out & gave a place for the young kids to go on Tuesday night… why in the world is this happening!? But the lord has a plan and whether or not we knew it then or now… because we still don’t it has to be a good plan! So in the mist of all this craziness… we came home from work on Thursday and I got our mail and there was a blank envelope in the mailbox and when I open it up it was MORE than enough money to help us pay for Sam’s deductible. I don’t know who done that and I probably never will but if that person is reading my blog right now… we are so thankful and truly appreciate it as we needed it and the lord knew and we are so thankful you listened to him and prays and hopes that the lord blesses you for doing the will of the lord. Colby has turned 21! I can’t believe my baby brother is officially an adult… it’s so sad! Oh yeah and while all this craziness was going on revival Cameron Wayne Marberry decided to come into this world, he was 7lbs 11oz & 20 ½ inches long! He wasn’t doing well at first with fluid on his lungs and bad jaundice and he had to be in the NICU for a little while but finally got to come home. I got to go see him Saturday… he is so precious!

On another note… Bethie has 22 days from 2day until Arianna’s due date. I can’t wait to hold, kiss & spoil her! The nursery seems to be coming along… I haven’t got a chance to go over & help her & Lora get it together this weekend but plan on helping throughout the week. I can’t believe it’s so close! It seems like the LONGEST pregnancy ever but could probably because I’ve known at least 3 days after she found out herself…lol I am hoping that I will be able to take the birth pretty good. I am so worried I will lose it & be a mentally crazy person crying like crazy and not able to stop! I want to be strong for Beth but can only hope someone will be able to be strong for me and help me to remember that my day will SURELY come…I have already cried today just cause it’s so hard, I wish it wouldn’t be so hard… I could handle it better if it wasn’t so hard…But someday it will have to be my turn because I want it so bad, I want to be able to have a baby and become a great mother… I want to be able to love my baby, hold my baby, feel my baby grow… and my love for that baby grow with the growth of the baby! I know sounds crazy… but I just think I will enjoy motherhood so much… I will love being a mother and can’t wait… but enough with this unless you want a flood to come…

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