Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2 of back in the dumps

Yeah yeah yeah... so day 2 started actually late last night & ran into the actually time of Day 2 of today.... joy for me!! I received a phone call last night, someone stating that one of my close friends had decided to turn away from the Lord.. I mean I just don't understand what people are thinking these days? I know myself I have to probably talk my brain into it everyday that we are going make.. I mean I have to make it.. but WAY more importantly I want to make it more then anything.. I can already tell the lord helps me on a daily basics even though I already knew he did it was proven... it has been 10 years since my dad has quit going to church.. 10 years yesterday and every year when June 27th rolls around my mom is always sad.. and my brother & I hate that so bad.. we usually try to always talk to her throughout the day by text or calls and just keep her mind busy.. we try & take her out to eat & like I said keep her mind busy and off of the date.. so she text me this morning & said she had forgot about the date as well as all of us cause we didn't think about it and I am so thankful & praise the lord for that!! It means so much to me that he did that.. I mean we had another spiritual death to think about but it's taken us 10 LONG years to not think about my dad.. and I am so happy for that.. feels like we are finally over a milestone.. feels good.. it's never easy to have a spiritual death but the lord knows.. he knows how to comfort you and that's exactly what he has done for my family.

Oh another note.. we are selling fireworks this year in Paint Rock & last night was our 1st night open.. It was so much fun!! I love selling fireworks, I've been around while the Middlebrooks have sold fireworks for the past 3 years but finally we stepped in & helped out this year instead of just waving people in for them.. lol I am praying for a good sale this year.. maybe it will happen!!

Beth has 57 days until Arie should arrive, that's very exciting.. I can't wait to hold her.. I love my new niece already so much!! We are going spoil her.. and love her.. and I just can't wait!

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