Thursday, February 23, 2012


And the journey begins! Ok so I will probably add "belly" pics every 4 weeks, I will be in the same outfit everytime probably so you can tell the "growth" of my spoiled rotten baby :) Ok so I will be 8 weeks tomorrow (Friday Feb 24) I haven't been sick just extremely tired. I am so ready to start showing right now all I feel is fat. I know that I see my body everyday so I can tell my belly is starting to change but I still feel fat. I am so excited to be a mother! There has been several people that have told me how much I won't like motherhood but I don't see that happening to me, Sam and I have waited and waited for a family and it's finally on it's way and man am I so excited to endure the sleepless nights, the dirty diapers, the crying. My mother was a great mother I don't ever remember anything bad about my mom she always spoiled us and punished us just right so yeah I would get mad at her for punishing me but loved her the next second. I hope I am as wonderful to my baby as my mother was to me and still is. I can't wait to teach my baby everything I was taught and still learning. I think between Sam and I our child has a great chance of turning into a wonderful person (not boosting or anything) I just know how Sam is to me and how wonderful of a daddy he is going be and I believe I am good to him and I know I am going to be a wonderful mommy, well I hope so anyways. Sorry I know I just keep going on and on about me and my new family but it's like on here I can type and type about how excited I am and how I can't wait and just how happy our home is that a new baby is on it's way and no one just stares at me like I am a broken CD player that keeps repeating itself over and over.. lol So I guess I will let you guys go for now.. and you know I will keep everyone updated (probably to much, lol but you guys know you already love Baby Hill)


  1. I don't think its crazy for you to go on and on! I have been reading your blog and it broke my heart at how upset you were! I am SO happy for you!!! lol Sorry i may seem like a blog stalker!! lol. But i think its great!!!

    1. You are not a blog stalker, I kid Hilary all the time she is a creeper.. lol She says she reads my blog to but I like when ppl read my blog. I read yours :) lol