Friday, February 10, 2012


Ok so I am sure most of you know BUT I am going to have a baby!!! I am 6 weeks along due around October 5th. I am so excited. Sam and I are still in shock but we are both so excited!! I have waited so long for this moment in my life and it’s finally here. There is so many people out that there gets pregnant left and right but for someone that has tried and tried and finally gets pregnant it isn’t taken for granted. I am so thankful and I still cry just as much as I did before when I pray, it’s like my prayers are so much different now… lord thank you for giving me this miracle that I get to be a part of but please let it be healthy and please let it be good, as no one will never know if I don’t sleep through the night cause I will always be thankful for every cry my precious baby makes and I hope I can endure being pregnant with a happy heart through all the sickness and aches and pains which I haven’t had to many of, again praise the lord.

So we have Braylon Corey for a boy and Jenna Brooke for a girl and we are so excited!!!!!!!!! Sam wants a boy and I want a girl but when it comes down to it we don’t really care just as long as it is healthy. I promise lord I will take care of this baby for its whole life, I will make sure it’s clean, and has clean diapers on, clean clothes on, smells good, I promise I will feed my baby and yes spoil it but punish it just like I am suppose to. I promise I will take it to church and raise it to respect anyone older then it and I promise to teach good manners but more importantly I promise to teach it about all the teachings I was once taught and be brought up knowing my lord, and I will let this baby know that you are the very one that gave us this miracle and I promise to thank you for my child, as I already have for my unborn child. I couldn’t think you enough. I hope I will be able to do everything right as a mother, as I read somewhere just the other day that a good mother worries if she will be a good mother as a bad mother don’t worry about that at all so I know I just have to be a good mother cause I do worry. I want my child to be raised like I was, I want my child to have the holyghost and I want everyone to like my child… lol

I know enough enough Kendra.. lol but I am so happy I am going to be a mother, I am going have my own family and only because that’s what the lord wants so you know whatever the lord does he does perfect and I am so thankful. It couldn’t be more perfect as Sam is so happy and I am so happy and this is all I dreamed and wanted in my 1st pregnancy. I hope the lord will permit me to stay at home with my children, we’ve prayed and prayed that if we did have a family the lord would only give us one where I would be able to stay home with my child and I can only hope that is why the lord let it happen now so it would work out that I could stay at home, so if you think about it just help us pray that it will work out that way!!


  1. Oh my Lord! Congrats!! (: That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you!!!!

  2. Thanks guys!! I am sooooo happy!!! We've had like 7 people say it might be twins.. and hey I think I would be fine with that, I need two girls or a boy and girl and I would be happy but I gotta at least have a girl in there somewhere lol