Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Guros Prediction

Ok so we all know well some of us do that Sis. Amy Stubblefield (married now) and Bro. Chris Middlebrooks have a little guessing baby gender gift.. so at Hytop when someone gets pregnant they are on ready for one of these two people to tell them what they are having cause their accuracy is very high.. So since Sam and I don't really care whether we have a boy or girl and since I am 8 weeks (on Friday) we weren't going to ask either one about the sex of the baby yet, plus we heard that if you really really want one over the other then it could "cloud" their judgment and they could tell you the wrong thing so I just was going wait until they came to me... well last night we were at the funeral home for my great grandmother and Amy came and sat behind us and hugged our necks well Sam couldn't take it anymore he said ok so do you have any vibes on us yet, so Amy says well yeah I have and can I just be blunt (right then I knew what she was going to say) but anyways we were like yeah please do so she said ok I think you guys are going have twins a boy and a girl, I mean as soon as I heard that you guys were pregnant that's what I thought about was twins, one of each. So yeah we were like all freaking out and laughing and Amy was serious... so I am texting Beth (cause everyone just waits to see what Amy & Chris have to say about you) so I text Beth and say soo Amy just told us what she thinks about us tonight so of course Beth is dying to know so I tell her twins one of each and so she goes CRAZY... lol so in a few mins she texts me back and she said for me to call her so I call her and she said that she had talked to her dad and that 5th weekend in January (when we had Rocky Branch night) it was on Sunday night, Bro Chris was there and someone came and laid hands on me and he thought she is going to have a baby... no she is going to have twins... but he didn't tell anyone cause he didn't even know we were expecting (no one did cause we didn't even know) so he begins to tell Beth this and of course she is telling me this so we are all freaking out cause both our baby guros have said twins, which will be SO much fun!!!!!! Beth is beside herself excited.. we text and text last night of everything going through our minds cause twins will be great.. especially if its a boy and a girl WOW can you say perfect!? I go to the doctor Wednesday February 29th so if they see two babies I will flip out.. lol

Everyone is asking is that possible and it is very possible, I have twins in my family and when we went to the doctor last Wednesday they wouldn't tell us if it was one or two, even give an excat due date said I was to early to tell anything and to come back when I am 8 weeks and they will fill us in, so you never know the heart beat might have been going so fast cause there were two babies!! I just hope if I do have twins I have a boy and a girl or 2 girls.. lol I need a girl in there somewhere.. but maybe Amy & Chris are right again and I will be bringing home a baby Braylon Corey and baby Jenna Brooke.. I guess time will tell :)

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