Friday, March 30, 2012

Family in NEED

Alright so I know a lot of people probably don’t read my blog but those of you that do I hope you will take a moment to read this and maybe we can make a difference.

There is a couple from Pleasant Grove Holiness Church, some of you might know them but Bro. Scott & Sis. Amy Pace. Their house has recently burnt down and they have completely lost everything. They have 3 children Dylan 13, Taylor 9, & Dawson 5. I would love to be able to help them out. If any of you out there has any clothes, shoes, money, home goods, anything you would like to donate to them I would appreciate it.

I’ve never done anything like this so I don’t even know where to begin (so any help would be greatly appreciated) I would guess that maybe we can put a date on when to take everything we can gather up to them I guess that date can be Friday April 13, 2012, that way I can take whatever I have come up with to them on Saturday April 14, 2012. I know when my mom lost her house so many people pulled together and I just want to try and do the same thing for someone else. I heard that they are staying with her parents.

I am sure with them losing everything, everything is needed. My plan is to give them either cash money or gift card that way they can buy whatever they really need and that way they aren’t getting duplicates of the toiletries’.

You can email me at (work email) or you can call/text me at 256-509-9344. Hopefully we can help them out.


  1. I talked to a sister from Pleasant Grove yesterday and she said they have pretty well everything they need right now, the church will probably be throwing them a shower after a while. They are staying with her parents, and they are ok for the time being, and will probably eventually re-build, thankfully they did have insurance on the house.

    1. Thats great but I still will be helping. I know how it is for a family to lose everything and need everything.