Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad Weather

The front of my Mom & Brother's House

Close up of the front of the house

Back view of the house

Outside building that is completely flipped over

Some of you may have heard but my mom and brother are in need of your prayers. They were in the tornado Friday that came through New Market. They were sitting in their house watching the news and it hadn't said anything about take cover so they were just watching the news and the power went off so they went outside to the porch and mom seen the clouds & Colby said that there was rotation in the clouds and so they jumped off the porch and took off running towards the neighbors house that has a storm shelter. Mom said that the tornado kept hitting them in the back, the wind was blowing so hard. Mom said trees were just falling left and right as they were running. They got to the neighbors house but the door was locked and so they just grabbed each other and held each other underneath the neighbors carport. Mom said the tornado was so strong it ripped her contacts out of her eyes, and she couldn't breathe at all. Not one place on Colby's face could even be touched that didn't have debre on it. The carport started to collasped and mom said that she just was waiting for death to come, and the neighbors truck was parked under the carport and it caught the carport otherwise it would have smashed Mom and Colby. He said he never parks his truck where it was parked Friday which was just the lord, otherwise it would have killed them. In just a few minutes the window just fell down, it didn't break or anything the whole window pane fell away from the wall & Colby was able to jump in through the window and open the door and they were able to get into the neighbors house. Its just by God's mercy that my family is still alive and with me today. I thank the lord cause my life could be so different right now. I have 3 MAIN people in my life that is my "family" and that's my mom, brother and Sam. I could have easily lost 2 of them Friday and I want the lord to know just how thankful I am. There were about 50 people Friday that was at my mom's house helping us try to salvage everything we could and those people will NEVER be forgotten in our eyes. I think about all the people that came from near and a far to put in a helping hand when my family were in need and I am so thankful. The amount of love that was shown and still being shown is truly appreciated. Bro. Dennis & Sis. Kathleen Hereford are letting mom & Colby stay in their rental house which is in New Market and we were able to get them moved right in to that house and I am so thankful! My heart is truly thankful. I know I keep saying that over and over but nothing like this has ever happen to me or my family and I am so thankful. I take so much for granted and I don't want to do that anymore. I will ask that you guys please keep them in your prayers. They will need your prayers for awhile, I just ask that you guys pray the lord will bless them after having to go through this. I know it's my family and I have the "bragging" rights but all bragging aside, my mom taught me and Colby to do just as she always does and that's to drop what we are doing and us do without to help the ones in need and I believe with all my heart Colby and I have always tried to do that. I know my mom has helped and helped people throughout my 24 years of life and I know the lord won't let her down. After dad left he left her in alot of debt and she was having to work 4 jobs to pay her bills and the things he left her in and I pray the lord will just bless her and hopefully she won't have to work so much and she can just live her life without the stress and worry that she had before. Again thank you guys for all the love you have shown and please continue to pray for my mom & brother.

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