Saturday, April 16, 2011


So someone is coming to look at our house today at 10:30, so if you reading this STOP and go pray right NOW lol I have a really good feeling about this and just hope and pray the lord will let our house sale!! We have no where to go if it does but I'd be willing to live in a box LOL which I know we wouldn't have to but if it came down to it that's how bad I want this house to sale, we have had it up for sale for a LONG time!!!

Ok so I will be changing my blog colors thanks to Brandy & Aunt Monica! They are getting to old and say the green is to hard to read.. (just kidding guys, lol) & I may take u up on that offer for first week in October!! I really wish I could go to DisneyWorld I am so jealous of the pics!!! Beth & I need our Disney fix BAD... especially before the baby gets here.. she is soo cute pregnant.. I love it and so happy for Bethie.. I am excited I am getting a new niece!!! I can't wait to spoil her..

Until next time... Mrs. Hill

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