Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ok so I have to tell you guys about something my Best Friend Forever Beth (BFFB) done.. So as you all know she is having a baby set to be here on August 24th.. I am soo excited for her. It's a baby girl.. name Arianna (Arie).. that I am going to spoil EVERY single SECOND I get. I am going buy her all kinds of stuff and she can't ever get married unless I approve.. lol needless to say I am going be a crazy Aunt Kiki- and I just can't wait.. I plan on being at the hospital probably from the second she walks in the door to be admitted until she kicks me out that I told her we would bring books, games, coupons, computers.. lol and just wait for this little baby to come!


So when Beth found out she was having a baby she asked me if I could write her a poem, cause I already have mine written up for someday when I get to FINALLY use it & I let her read them & she loved them.. So I sat down and got her a poem together for baby Arianna & I sent it to her.. so one day this week she sent me the "rough draft" of her invitations and low and behold she had use the poem (which I knew she was going to) & at the end of the poem she wrote "Written by BFF Kendra" and OML my heart just melted... I knew Beth loved me & I knew we were BFFs but this just really touched me and made me soooo happy that the lord brought us together as friends.. I wouldn't trade her for anything she is wonderful.. so this blog is for you Bethie.. your the best friend in the WORLD and I love you and Arianna sooo much!!! I am so glad your family & our family our BFFs all the way around.. there is NO way our kids can't be BFFs (maybe even married, lol)

Until Next Time.. Mrs. Hill..

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